Hello there, I'm 18 and I love drawing, photography, rainy weather, and I enjoy using funny emoticons to better convey the myriad of feelings that harbor in my soul. Some of my favorite colors are indigo, sky blue, crimson. I am fascinated by love and outer-space and music, and there is nothing else I'd rather do on a lazy winter afternoon other than read and reread books...but then again, I'd do that any day. I love words and flowers and buttons and cats and listening to people, and I'm on a journey to confidence and wisdom and self-fulfillment. It would make me quite content if you'd take the time to follow me into the utmost deepest sectors of my mind, and maybe, just maybe, you'll see what we have in common...

  • we are down to one chocolate chip cookie and I ate most of them. must get more.

  • I bring you the sunset clouds in Houston, TX on 08/27/2014.

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  • you are very very beautiful.

  • saatchiart:

    Eelco Maan
    Original: $4,200

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  • "

    I believe that
    your soul

    my soul


    old friends.

    Mandeq Ahmed, “Mates”

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  • "I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream."
    Vincent Van Gogh

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    ‘Indigo: The Colour That Changed the World’, a new book by Catherine Legrand published by Thames & Hudson (ISBN 978 0 500 516607), offers a fascinating documentation of the importance of this dye created from variants of the indigofera plant, tracing Indigo’s history and cultivation from the Golden Triangle to Central America, to demonstrate why it has been so important and renowned in multiple textile practices for so many centuries.  photos © Catherine Legrand / Thames & Hudson.

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    You know who else is underrated? Owl City. This introverted guy who wrote a bunch of songs on his computer in his parents basement. With lyrics like “reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t wanna live there” and “please take a long hard look through your textbook, cause I’m history” and he tweets stuff like “got groceries. Enough social interaction for the week” and “girl I ain’t no astronaut, but I need a little space” and I love owl city

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  • "There is a plan and your soul knows what it is."
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